Bonus program of the Ex-money service

The Ex-money online cryptocurrency exchange service has introduced a bonus program to encourage the activity of its users. Constantly improving and modernizing the exchange system, we pay special attention to user feedback and devote a large amount of time to processing feedback. The service receives various suggestions and comments on how to improve the work every day, and we decided to thank our customers for this.

Now users will be able to help us become better and at the same time they will save on exchanges by using the bonuses received earlier.

In the process of performing an exchange operation, the service will offer to leave a review about the exchanger on the monitoring site of cryptocurrency exchangers BestChange, for example, at this step:



Бонусная программа Ex-money


Or after a successfully completed application:

Бонусная программа сервиса Ex-money


Go to the BestChange monitoring, you will need to fill in several fields and leave your feedback on the work of our service:

Бонусная программа сервиса Ex-money


Please note that it is very important when filling out the field indicating the application number, clearly indicate the number of your application and not make a mistake. It is this number and the availability of an exchange that is checked by the administrators of our exchange service and bonuses are awarded depending on the size of the volume of the specified exchange.

In case of inaccurate indication of the application number or indication of a non-existing number, the Ex-money service will not accrue any bonuses.

For a review on the BestChange service, the user will be credited with bonuses from 15 to 50, depending on the size of his exchange at the request, which he indicated in the field marked in the screenshot above.

1 bonus in our system is equal to 1 Russian ruble. Bonuses are credited for exchanges up to 1,500 rubles in the amount of 15 bonuses, for exchanges with a volume of more than 1,500 rubles in the amount of 1% of the exchange amount, but no more than 50 bonuses. When calculating bonuses, their size is rounded down to a whole number.

Also, our clients can send an assessment of our work directly to the service administrators:



Бонусная программа сервиса Ex-money


At the same time, indicate in the message suggestions and wishes for improving the exchanger. We award 5 bonuses for such feedback.

All bonuses are credited to the internal account balance:



Бонусная программа сервиса Ex-money


Users can accumulate bonuses and use them in the future when carrying out exchange operations in an amount not exceeding 20% of the order volume.

In the service, the write-off looks like this:


Бонусная программа сервиса Ex-money


Бонусная программа сервиса Ex-money


Our service reserves the right to change the terms of the bonus program, supplement or exclude certain points from it, or completely cancel it at any time without any notification to users.

Using the Ex-money bonus program, the user agrees and accepts all conditions unconditionally and in full.