Card verification is a security measure that confirms that the transfer of funds is carried out by the card holder.

 This security measure is necessary in connection with the increasing incidence of fraud in money transfers. As a rule, scammers, having obtained the data of a bank card, carry out money transfers without having access to the card itself. The card verification procedure allows you to make sure that the bank card is really in the hands of the person who exchanges on our service

 To go through the card verification procedure:

- take a photo of a bank card on the background of our site (the first four digits and the last four digits of the card, the name of the card holder should be clearly visible in the photo. All other data for going through this procedure is not needed, they can be hidden);

- upload photos to the site for verification;

- wait for the procedure. Verification takes no more than three minutes.

 If the card does not pass verification, the site will provide a reason for the refusal. You can once again download a card that fully complies with the verification conditions.