Affiliate program

Dear client! We are happy to welcome You to the pages of our exchange service. We offer you to become our partner and participate in the referral program, thereby earning additional income.

Our service has a two-level referral program. Any Internet user can become a member of this program. to do this, you need to register on our website. After completing the registration procedure, the partner can receive advertising materials and a referral link in the personal account of our site in the section «Partner materials». Each partner who invites a new client to cooperate receives a certain percentage of the profit of the ex-money exchange In addition, the percentage of profit is also calculated for users attracted by Your referrals.

The system of accrual of partner remuneration:
1st level - 0,6% from the total monetary turnover of the attracted client (users invited directly by You).
2–the second level - 0,2% from the total cash turnover of clients attracted by Your first-level referral.

For applications that do not result in a profit for the exchange service, no partner remuneration is charged. These transactions are called - «exchange with additional payment from the exchange service». Also, remuneration is not charged for operations that have brought the exchange service a profit of less than 0,6%.

To withdraw partner remuneration, the inviter must have at least 5 referrals, each of which must have at least one processed order on our service. Payment of referral fees is made within 48 hours after creating an application.


  • use the partner materials of our exchange service on HYIPs, BUCs, pyramids and similar platforms;
  • set up a referral program for profit, where the inviter and the referral are the same person, or have the same ip address;
  • mass mailing to promote your partner materials.

Attention! If you do not comply with the terms of the partner program the exchange service administration has the right to reset the referral accruals and block the user"s account.

The exchange service administration reserves the right to change the terms of the partner program. In turn, the exchange service will provide your referrals with warm customer service, reliable and fast exchanges.

The discount will not be credited, only if the service does not make a profit from the request.

Cumulative discount system

Our service has a cumulative system of discounts for regular customers. Its size is determined by the sum of successfully completed conversion transactions. The system takes into account all transfers made by a particular client.

Every user who has registered on the ex-money, automatically receive a discount in 0,05%. For its accrual the client only needs to log in before starting the exchange transaction. The discount is given for the total conversion amount — if the client exchanges one hundred thousand rubles, the amount will be fifty rubles.