Exchange rules

    1. General Provisions
      1. The rules for the provision of currency exchange services by the site are determined by this agreement;
      2. The term Resource in this agreement implies the Internet site for the exchange of electronic currencies;
      3. The person who agreed to cooperate with the Resource hereinafter - User;
      4. The User and Resource are hereinafter referred to as Parties;
      5. This agreement has equivalent legal force, as a written agreement. The parties accept this agreement as a regulator of relations in the exchange of currencies provided by the Resource to the User;
      6. Currency exchange is carried out on the Resource website and this agreement is considered a public offer accepted when applying for an exchange;
    2. Subject of the Agreement
      1. Services provided by the Resource are specified in the 4th paragraph of this agreement. Standards for the use of services that a user must follow are set out in clause 9 of this agreement. The 5th clause of this agreement establishes the rules of the Resource;
      2. The user pays for the services provided by the Resource in compliance with all the norms and rules established by this agreement;
    3. Rights and obligations of the parties
      1. Resource Responsibilities:
        1. Ensure timely exchange of electronic money such as Yandex.Money, Payeer, Qiwi, OKPAY, and adhere to all the conditions of this Agreement;
        2. The resource guarantees the provision of technical and information support for the User throughout the entire process of using the service;
        3. The resource guarantees non-disclosure of personal data, transaction amount, transaction time provided by the User during the transaction;
        4. Resource agrees to take into account discounts that are provided to the User;
        5. Ensure that funds are credited to the account of the User or a third party within a day after receiving the complaint in the cases provided for in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6 of this Agreement;
      2. User Responsibilities:
        1. The user must provide the details for the exchange transaction;
        2. The user must provide a valid email address;
        3. Protect emails from the Resource from getting into the spam folder to receive timely system messages. To make a deal, have uninterrupted access to the Internet;
        4. Adhere to the terms of this Agreement;
        5. In case of full or partial non-receipt of funds during the exchange process, the User is obliged to notify the Resource through the feedback form. And also about the precedents listed in clauses 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 of this Agreement. The notification is sent no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of the transaction. Disputed funds in case of failure to comply with these requirements remain on the balance of the Resource;
        6. Comply with legislation governing online money transfers;
        7. When using the affiliate program, the User agrees not to use traffic cheat systems and spam methods for receiving it;
      3. The resource has the right:
        1. Stop the Resource in case of need (updates, troubleshooting, redesign, etc.);
        2. When contacting the competent authorities, the administration of the above payment systems or the User’s complaint about fraudulent actions, stop the exchange operation until the situation is clarified;
        3. Set discounts and bonuses for the User at his discretion;
        4. Set and regulate the size of the commission for transactions;
        5. Deny services to the User without explanation;
        6. In case of an erroneous payment, the Resource has the right to request information confirming the user"s involvement in this operation by sending the relevant documents by e-mail;
        7. Stop communication with a user who is rude, asks questions off-topic or does not provide the necessary information to the support service;
        8. Prohibit the transaction in case of violation of clauses of this agreement 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. and Regulations;
        9. If necessary, freeze the exchange operation and the funds received through it in the service until the user is fully identified, requesting the passage of such.
        10. In the case of non-compliance with obligations according to clause 3.2.8, the Administration has the right to block the user who violated this clause, as well as the source of the conversions.
    4. Resource Services
      1. Resource conducts an exchange of electronic money and cryptocurrencies a list that is provided on the site;
      2. Resource is not responsible for the legality of the storage of funds by the User;
    5. Rules of Agreement
      1. An exchange of funds is carried out after receiving from the User the necessary amount to complete the transaction within twenty minutes. After the time expires, the exchange request is deleted. Upon receipt of funds after the above time, the application is processed at the current rate at the time of receipt of funds.
      2. The exchange operation was completed in the event of a transfer of money to the details of the User.
      3. After filling out an application for a cash exchange, it is not possible to cancel it.
      4. If the amount received from the User differs from the declared one, then the Resource has the right to stop the operation until the user requests for adjustment and subsequent payment of the actual amount of the transaction. In some cases, the application can be recalculated immediately upon the fact of funds received and the exchange rate at the time of the creation of the application.
      5. The commission in case of incorrectly entered details by the User is not returned. In case of incorrect or blocked details, the money is returned to the User"s account.
      6. If the User has changed the notes to the payment or paid the invoice from an external account, then such an operation may be blocked. In this case, the refund is made after the User"s request on the basis of clause 3.2.5.
      7. If the User completes a transaction involving a cryptocurrency, then the speed of such a transaction depends on the processing speed of the operation on the side of the crypto asset blockchain platform.
      8. In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for clause 10.7.
    6. Liability and Warranties
      1. Resource is not responsible for the incorrect execution of the application for the exchange of the User. Money in case of indicating incorrect details is not refundable.
      2. The resource is not liable for damage from the inability of the Client to operate the equipment as a whole or its components.
      3. The delay in payment due to the fault of third-party financial institutions does not oblige Resource to be responsible for this.
      4. The exchanger is not responsible for losses or non-receipt of income if they arise as a result of erroneous representations by the Client regarding tariffs or profitability of transactions.
      5. Service is not responsible for financial losses incurred due to transfer delays.
      6. The client confirms that he has legal grounds for managing the money used to complete the transaction.
      7. The Client confirms that at the time of working with the Service, he has reached the age of majority (in accordance with the legislation of the country where the Client is located).
      8. The client agrees to indemnification to third parties if the reason for its occurrence was the exploitation of the resource.
    7. Changes to the terms of the Agreement
      1. The resource has the right to change and supplement this agreement without notifying the User. The changes take effect after they are published on the official website
    8. Force Majeure
      1. The Parties shall not be liable for non-compliance or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement, if the reason for this is force majeure. They include war, natural disasters, fire, rebellion, the decision of the authorities, a terrorist attack, and mass unrest. In addition, they include a failure in the power grid, lack of access to the global network or to other systems.
    9. Exchange terms
      1. Administration prohibits the use of the Resource for fraudulent or other illegal operations. For an attempt to make an exchange using money of dubious origin, the User will be liable in accordance with the laws of the country in whose jurisdiction the transaction was made.
      2. Exchange Resource can transfer information about payments, the illegality of which is established, to law enforcement agencies, the administration of the payment system, as well as to the victim, at his request.
      3. An exchange is carried out only upon the withdrawal by the User of money from his virtual wallet. At the same time, he is personally responsible for the legality of the sources of their receipt.
      4. Bank transfer is performed through the Internet banking service of the payment system selected by the client. If the application was created with the help of a bank operator or using an ATM, the money must be returned no later than 24 hours. If the transaction involves making a payment to a Sberbank card, the amount of commission will be 1% of the transfer amount.
      5. The resource is not responsible for transfers made to the User by third parties.
      6. If the user clicked on the button «I agree to the rules of exchange», he unconditionally accepts the terms of the Agreement.
      7. Using the service to create multiple applications, in order to benefit from the difference in exchange rates, is strictly prohibited.
    10. User Verification
      1. Verification of the User at the first request of the Service is an integral part of the User Agreement.
      2. In the process of identity verification, the Service may request any personal data at its discretion (Data in any format and volume that the Service deems necessary for full identification).
      3. The User agrees to the Service to conduct the necessary research directly or through third parties to verify the identity or protect the User and / or the Service from financial crimes, such as fraud. Such third parties may be KYC services and / or other systems, the User does not limit the Service in choosing those.
      4. By passing the verification, the User agrees to the Service to conduct any research in relation to the User that the Service considers necessary. The Service may engage a third party for this research at its discretion.
      5. The addresses of the Internet wallets of the transactions carried out on the Service are automatically AML checked.
      6. The exchange service has the right to request verification of the User if the client"s online wallet address specified in the application is related to the following definitions: Darknet Marketplace, Darknet Service, Fraudulent Exchange, Illegal Service, Mixing Service, Ransom, Scam, Stolen Coins.
      7. In the event that the links are identified, then after the verification by the User, the funds will be returned to the sender"s details (minus a commission of 10%).